Welcome to the World of Mbor and Gaabar

Welcome to the lands far afield… where heroes and horrors tread, and warriors and woliyos war with the ambitions of eldritch foes.

Was that a little much? It feels a little much. You tell me.

So if you were wondering what I was doing for so long, it was this. World building. I was creating a map and the cultures, people, places for my tales. 

This here is a map of the two mighty continents, Mbor and Gaabar,  that I was able to create using Inkarnate. It’s still being tweaked, but I got the major territories and cities of Mbor that feature heavily in my short stories. I’ll do Gaabar in the following months. If your interested go to the site and check it out. https://inkarnate.com

Made with Inkarnate.com

Categories: From Gaabar and Mbor

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