Tips for Understanding Black History Month- 2015 Edition

I usually don’t reblog other people’s post on my site (because I’d rather send people to the sites they are originally from. Its like taking someone’s fire and putting it in my home), but this is post deserves as many eyes reading it as possible. A think its a very important post by Phenderson Djèlí Clark, the Disgruntled Haradrim. So read it and don’t be afraid to visit his site:

Phenderson Djèlí Clark

blackhistorymonthIt’s that time of year again, Black History Month. Beginning every February in the United States, the country sets aside 28 (or 29 in a leap year) days to celebrate, discuss and engage Black History. Innocuous enough. And yet what seems to happen every Feb. 1st, is the beginning of a 28-days long ritual of whining (how come they get their own month?), misconceptions and endless micro-aggressive racial faux-pas. And this isn’t just from the usual sky boxes of white privilege; there are black people (some of them noteworthy) who wade into…well…the stupid. So here are a few tips to better understand the month, both for those who have to endure the stupid and for those who might be enticed to engage in the stupid.

This is just an updated list from an identical post I did last year. But guess what? It never gets old because the stupid never…

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  1. Great meeting you ! Hope to see you soon and further discuss all things afro pride.

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