The Obanaax: And Other Tales of Heroes and Horrors


  • I am proud to present to you my first book under Far Afield Press LLC and published through   Within the pages of The Obanaax: and Other Tales of Heroes and Horrors you will find tales, that I believe, will excite the reader with the thrilling exploits of heroes as they adventure through the savannas, tombs, cities, kingdoms, and empires few had even imagined could have existed. Except in their far away dreams.

‘The Obanaax’ is a collection of two novelettes and two short stories that take the reader on a journey to the world of Aaduna on the great northern continent of Mbor. This novel’s imaginative sword and sorcery world, influenced by several West African languages, sets this book apart from other stories explored in this genre. These narrative elements, naming conventions, and heart-pounding prose makes ‘The Obanaax’ an adventure that will ignite a passion for exploring this undreamed-of new world far beyond the last page has turned. These tales from far afield will introduce to you the adventurous daring-do of those unaccustomed to the monstrous chaos of the unnatural and, at times, its alien desires. An epic for those willing to brave far and away from the world we know.

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