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Born in 1971, originally from Trinidad now living in Brooklyn. I'm a writer, (traditional) archery enthusiast, and sword enthusiast with a love for the weird/cosmic horror, heroic fantasy, and Sword & Soul. I have many short stories and novels waiting to be brought to the world.

  • My Treasures

    I’ve been an enthusiast of the sword ever since the mid 90’s and a lover of books since I was a child.  And further pursued these two contradictions in my adulthood. Even when life pitched  unrelenting obstacles into my otherwise smooth… Read More ›


    Launched by the Xaftaan buur (king), Daagulen-Tam Dinga, looking to expand his kingdom north across the sea and south into Daehan lands. This was also the time of the first and only ma’andjan (tall-king) of the Seven City-states, Adama Dio.

  • Hello to all!!!

    I’ve debated with myself about the need for a blog site. Do I really need one? Should I do it and for what purpose? It’s not like a dog or a car. Something which will fill a need, whether for… Read More ›

  • Welcome to the World!!!

    Welcome to the lands far afield… where heroes and horrors tread, and warriors and woliyos war with the ambitions of eldritch foes. Here is a map of the two mighty continents and the nations of men who claim them.